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EFOS-3 Active Hydrogen Maser

And other vaguely time and frequency related projects

Welcome to my personal site. Here you will find information about EFOS-3, as well as a few projects relating to time and frequency.

28.05.2018: GPS assisted Frequency Transfer: ADEV e-14 in 2000 seconds
15.05.2018: A sub 5e-13 ADEV GPSDO
18.04.2018: Time-nuttery 101
10.04.2018: High Speed time interval measurements with the HP/Agilent/Keysight 53230A
14.12.2017: Some pictures from Ulf K. of a teardown of an Oscilloquartz OSA-8600-3.
22.11.2017: Biased frequency estimates from the HP/Agilent/Keysight 53230A. Also Part 2 and Part 3
30.10.2017: Lightning intro to using PPP for stability measurements of oscillators

I also keep a running log of smaller posts that may have interest for a few:

14.01.2019: RTKLib missing obs data counter
18.11.2018: Solved! Midnight anomaly
06.08.2018: RT-PPP with RTKLib - Be aware
25.06.2018: ADEV e-14 at Tau < 600 seconds
20.04.2018: A good week for EFOS-3
02.02.2018: PPP and sampling interval
27.01.2018: Solid Earth Tides!
09.11.2017: Now processing GLONASS
29.10.2017: Frequency distribution in the lab
10.10.2017: A lesson in temperature sensitivity
25.08.2017: Long(ish) term monitoring of maser stability using PPP
08.06.2017: More PPP results
24.05.2017: Aircon (finally) in place
16.05.2017: First PPP results!
11.02.2017: Permanent antenna mounted
27.01.2017: Monitoring system in place
23.01.2017: Setting the AHM frequency against GPS PPS
17.01.2017: An unexpected link between U57 and synthesizer setting

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