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EFOS3 at T4Science in Neuchatel
Old ion pumps removed
Bottom bay empty
Old magnets going onto new pumps
Pumping down
Powersupply needs recapping
The PLL which locks the BVA
Hand made..
Top frame with the BVA, PLL and synthesizer-board
Hydrogen supply
H-plasma glow through the bottom of the dissociator.
Protecting the floortiles from 250 Kg of maser
EFOS3 after a long drive from Neuchatel
Duct tape for the win
Half way there..
Nothing to see here
250 Kg of maser needs to move from the palate to the black dolly. By hand.
In its new home
H2 is good
Preparing to restart it.
Ignition! The beautiful glow of H-plasma.
A hole drilled through the side allows for checking the plasma..
The maser might be in place, but the rest of the lab leaves something to be desired..

ole at efos3 dot com